JEP Breakfast Pledge Page

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Platinum Release-Time Sponsor—————$25,000
Diamond Education Sponsor——————-$18,000
Emerald Scholarship Sponsor——————$10,000
Sapphire Programs Sponsor———————-$5,000
Ruby Teen -Programs Sponsor——————-$3,600
Amethyst Holiday Guides Sponsor————–$2,500
Topaz After-School Learning Sponsor———$1,800
Opal Events Sponsor——————————–$1,000
Gold Shabbatone Sponsor—————————$500
Silver Heritage Sponsor——————————-$360
Bronze Summer-Camp Sponsor——————-$275
Full Page **———————————————–$200
Half Page *————————————————$125
Quarter Page———————————————–$75
Eighth Page (business card) ————————–$36

* ads of half page include 1 reservation;
**ads of full page or more include 2 reservations