Challah Bake

JEP Mother-Daughter Challah Bake

JEP ran a beautiful and meaningful challah bake for mothers and daughters. The large crowd of women learned the spiritual significance of separating challah dough. They learned that after the bracha is made, it is a special time for tefillah. Since there were three separate batches of dough, three brachos for hafrashas challah were made. Three mothers were chosen to say the bracha. They were guided word by word to recite the bracha.  Their excitement was palpable, as this was the very first time in their lives that they said this bracha. After the brachos and designating a piece of dough as challah, all the mothers and daughters covered their eyes, as they davened with such sincerity to Hashem. It was a moving scene to witness.  Then the women were shown three different ways to braid the challah. The JEP staff walked around, helping and guiding the mother-daughter groups to braid their challos.  Each group made a few challos and rolls.  A number of neighbor’s ovens were used to help back the challos.  “It was such a beautiful scene to observe,” remarked Rabbi Finestone, JEP’s Director“. “There was such excitement by all the participants. It was such a spiritual and fun experience. Yet, what touched me the most was observing the bonding between the mothers and their daughters, as they worked together, helping each other. It was also humorous watching as some of the participants left, literally carrying supermarket boxes full of the challos they made”.  The experience was summed up beautifully by a text that one of the mothers sent to Rabbi Finestone, “Thank you so much for a beautiful experience.  We really enjoyed baking challah with you and had a great time!!”