Rosh Hashana Campaign

Dear Friend,
We are changing the face of Klal Yisroel by impacting the lives of thousands of Jewish public school children & their families!

Volunteer teachers exhibiting love & warmth – truly caring!

Inspiring with the love of Mitzvos- Shema, Shabbos, & so much more!

Read this truly inspiring letter:

“I just wanted to tell you that, I remember everything that you taught me. Now that I’m 18 and I’m older and a little more mature, I recognize your chesed and patience that you had for us. I just wanted to let you know that I am now a religious girl, I am going to seminary this year in Yerushalaim, I keep Shabbat, and kosher. I just wanted to say that almost every step I took toward yideshkait I thought about JEP and how you have changed my life. And every time I daven I think about the first siddur that you gave me. And I wanted to let you know that you were a huge reason and a big part of my journey and I want to thank you for that. You made a big difference in my and my brother’s life. One of the main reasons I began to keep Shabbat is because I remember coming to your house for Shabbos on a JEP shabbaton and I saw the holiness in your house. I said I want to raise a family like that one day. Thank you for changing my life.” 

Join us.
Make the difference in a child’s life
–change the face of Klal Yisroel for all generations!

Best wishes for a year of health & happiness,

Rabbi Yaakov Finestone, Director

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